The Old Order Changeth...

ITS is an art collective producing work in defense of basic human rights. ITS is comprised of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, citizen journalists, bloggers and other manufacturers of culture. ITS was created to counter the manipulation of human identity and thought which is the basis of all power and oppression in the world.

ITS = Identity Transduction Systems

IDENTITY: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
TRANSDUCTION: the act of conversion from one form to another

Identity Transduction is a process enabling you to cast off restrictive and outmoded standards of thought, expression and social etiquette in order to more profoundly explore your relationship with your immediate environment and society as a whole. Identity Transduction empowers you to forge your own identity from your own thoughts and experiences.

Identity Transduction is the Mechanism by which media creates influence.

ITS employs dynamic spiritual principles to create art with a specific purpose and with conscious intent. These principles are continually refined by experience to form a fluid code that informs our work. We are developing culture as a guided agent of social and political change. ITS takes power away from the state and financial institutions by co-opting the apparatus of identity and mind control to foster greater individual freedom.

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