Free West Papua

ITS would like to invite artists & writers with an interest in shaping the destiny of humanity to collaborate with us. If you'd like to work on a project with ITS or get ITS involved in your project, please contact us on Twitter. Feel free to also send artworks, videos, musical compositions or news articles for us to check out and consider including on our websites and/or social media.

The new city has existed a long time

In return, ITS is happy to continue to share our work -- all Creative Commons licensed -- for inclusion in your news articles, blogs, videos or printed materials, or for sampling in collages or music. ITS art can already be found throughout independent news media and the blogosphere. Help us to spread our vision of freedom from oppression for all people on earth.

To keep up with ITS activities, please connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you would like to start reshaping culture by guided intent for the benefit of human life, here are a few ideas to organize and develop your own program.

  • Develop a personal code to inform your work which connects it to the cause of humanity.
  • Become conscious of how each creative decision can impact the world.
  • Learn more about propaganda and psy-ops and become less susceptible to their effects. Think critically about the intention of mainstream producers of culture and media.
  • Dedicate part of your art or craft to solving a specific problem in the world.
  • Build an information command center around the problem(s) you follow using RSS feeds, mailing lists, Twitter and other social media sources.
  • Become an expert in the problem(s) you are working to help solve. Build a network with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, activists, journalists, bloggers and public figures interested in the same issue.
  • Produce art, music, videos and other cultural artifacts to support the solution(s) to the problem(s) you are interested in. Get your work disseminated through your network.
  • Organize events, protests, concerts, postering campaigns and other "real world" guerilla-cultural activities together with your network to help promote the solutions you offer.

Here are some more general suggestions about culture that ITS believes can benefit your counter psy-op activities.

Guild - ITS art

  • Cultivate and celebrate the aspects of your culture that best serve you and your community. Disregard and dismantle those aspects that damage your community.
  • Open your mind to the valuable aspects of cultures other than your own, and absorb those aspects which can benefit you and your community. It is possible to embrace the diversity of cultures in the world without abandoning your own. This is not the same as forcing everyone on earth to accept a boring and dumbed-down "one world culture" serving the interests of the elite.
  • Take control of the food you eat and make available to your community. Don't be duped by unscupulous, large-scale manufacturers of processed foods into poisoning yourself, your family and your community.
  • Organize your whole community to understand and wield your power as consumers. There's no good reason to use your hard-earned money to support the nefarious activities of the elite. Divest in companies that don't act in the interests of your community. Consider abandoning stock markets altogether until big business decides to start behaving ethically towards human beings in general. Who needs weak and corrupt government regulators when you have an informed community holding thieves, liars and abusers to account?
  • Help to devalue the commodities and currencies that give the elites their power.
    • Reduce dependency on oil, gas, electricity and energy-wasting technology in general.
    • Stop buying gold and other scarce elements that empower those who already own & control most of the supply of those elements.
    • Try using alternative or community-based currencies.
    • Look for local producers of the things you need whenever possible.
  • Disregard national security as defined by the military-industrial complex. They profit from war, conflict and misery and therefore can't be entrusted with your security. Develop your own ideas about what it means to keep your community or country secure and implement those ideas without involving the state's death machinery.