AK Master of Symbols - ITS art

ITS has risen from the dull ashes of contemporary culture. ITS art is revolutionary art. We are enemies of the status quo.

The art of the past (and much of the present) was commissioned by the rich and powerful elite. These works help maintain the power of the elite by validating and reinforcing its reality in the minds of the people.

The elite also determine the value of art based on their criteria and using their definition of wealth. ITS art is invisible to the ruling elite, since for them it holds no traditional value, just as their wealth has become meaningless to us.

ITS art belongs to all the people and participates directly in the unfolding of history.

ITS art is rearranging the narratives of human culture revealing the possibility of a more equitable society.

ITS cultivates influence through the dissemination of stylized ITS art and media. ITS employs collage and digital techniques to redefine and rebrand the icons of popular culture in our image. ITS exploits digital technology for mass production and distribution of ITS media.

Just as advertizing and propaganda insidiously inserts itself into every modern landscape, ITS art and media is quietly becoming a part of reality.