The following are art, music, film, or mixed media projects, as well as websites and blogs that were either created by ITS or involve ITS artists or affiliates in some fashion.


Who is AK Rockefeller?

The bastard child of civilization. AK Rockefeller is a creative study in indentity transduction.

AK is a public persona who can be incarnated and reincarnated at will, with no fear of death. He is not bound by limitations of geography, time or individuality. He is therefore the ultimate activist, and an artist with as many talents as there are ITS controllers to occupy his avatar.

AK Rockefeller effortlessly dances on the brink between reality and myth, and his story is the story of all revered spiritual icons.

AK is the lost son of a lost son of one of the most powerful families in the world. His name gives him instant influence and intrigue, yet he transcends his past like so much gilded rubble. Michael Rockefeller, son of Nelson Rockefeller, did not drown, nor was he taken by cannibals. He survived and left behind the trappings of his wealthy western roots to raise a family in a remote region of West Papua. He had several children. AK was the last child.

AK embodies the link between American wealth and Papuan poverty and colonial oppression. The mindless minions of his forefathers brokered and legitimized the brutal Indonesian colonization of West Papua. It is his responsibility to break the cycle of theft and exploitation that is his family's legacy in the world.

AK builds solidarity among oppressed peoples separated by geography, culture and religion. AK supports self-determination without having to define what that means for everyone else. AK admires taking pride in self, family, culture and nation, while exhibiting due respect and curiosity towards others.

AK Rockefeller is moving the spiritual sciences forward from decades of stagnation. AK Rockefeller elevates the role of the artist to a key player in geopolitical affairs.

AK Rockefeller's work mimics the activities of elite controlled media. AK seeks to replace this media with a decentralized media produced by free individuals and groups. AK Rockefeller's images, music, videos and social media activity are a self-conscious component of a greater movement to render the elite contolled media irrelevant and eventually invisible. AK's methods will provide a cultural template to similarly erode the power of all elites - in finance, industry and the state - until they no longer control anything.

West Papua and the United Nations

Humphrey King

Humphrey King

Like happy souls in hell enjoying mental difficulties.

Humphrey King is a living anachronism, a contemporary of Shakespeare, and a rich compendium of literary knowledge. An accomplished poet and unmatched visual artist, Humphrey spearheads the Occupy My Mind movement. Humphrey's work can be found everywhere and is spreading fast.

Humphrey is also the head foreman of the ITS image factory, producing massive amounts of visual art propaganda used by journalists, bloggers and other major news sources.


Zero X

Audiovisual experience restructuring the human mind to encompass the true potential of the organism.

Zero X is a multimedia art projection probing hidden corridors of the unconscious mind. Zero X films and animations produce jarring altered states leading to disillusionment, an abandoning of established power structures, and eventual unemployment and financial ruin.

A critical cog in the Art Insect Machine, Zero X is also the chief engineer of the ITS oscillator, producing music for AK Rockefeller.


Articles by Zashnain on

The meltdown of emotions. The dysfunctional anti-hero of all time. A traveler seeking the ultimate emotional response to a dying age of reason and compassion.

The Zashnain project comprises a team of bloggers, writers and poets dealing with critical human rights issues and geopolitics. Zashnain is an inexhaustible font of gut-wrenching poetry to service the unquenchable human thirst for tragedy. His tireless efforts to bring light to dark places gives us hope nevertheless.

Zashnain is also our top Southeast Asia correspondent and a world-class expert on marginalized people and communities.


ITS artists have also begun applying their penchent for color and composition to the graphic design of vital websites in the struggle to bring human rights abuses to the often unwilling eyes of an apathetic public. Our recent forays into this area include, an excellent resource focussing on the ongoing discrimination against aboriginal Australians in their own homeland, and, the premier media source for regular updates from inside West Papua, a place still otherwise closed to international journalists.

West Papua Media Alerts


ITS art is appearing everywhere in the independent new media and blogosphere. ITS art and media is quietly becoming a part of reality.